Ancestry no longer dictates our understanding of our world and all that it encompasses as reason has replaced myth, and the stories passed down from generation to generation have been replaced by news feeds and social media pages. I believe that we are largely experiencing an unconscious that is no longer collective, but has become mostly personal, littered with endless references to experiences and their interpretations that are as diverse and complex as our current societal systems. The once concrete ‘truths’ that came before us, and were embedded in us through heritage, have been collapsing under manifested distortions of reality. This new reality has been brought forth through our media driven culture as multiple viewpoints have the option to take center stage simultaneously. The distortion of connected symbols and combinations not of opposites, but of oppositions, exists to defy any interpretation of absolute truth and yet, interconnected to and preceding the search for truth is the question…THE QUEST.

Because of this opposition, the space that connects the two is energized like a magnetic field between positive and negative poles. The area within oscillation, between consciousness and unconsciousness, between yes and no, contains the only truth, and this truth is relative. This is the space before the vacuum of sleep takes over and before waking and reality sets in, when the accumulation of information floods the mind…this is the space that I record.

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